With the rapid shift of security operations, massive adoption of the cloud, and the vast increase in security data, many organizations are looking for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution alternatives as a way to increase efficiency while improving their threat detection and response posture.

A SOC Platform, when combined with a modern cloud-based data platform, is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for those considering an alternative approach to SIEM.

To share key considerations for SIEM replacement, our guest speakers, Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen, and Snowflake's Head of Cyber Security Strategy Omer Singer, joined Hunters' CMO Lital Asher, for a live webinar.


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During the webinar, our panelists discuss:

  • The short, medium and long term advantages of moving from SIEM to a SOC Platform + Data Lake
  • Coexistence vs a complete switch - What does the journey away from SIEM look like?
  • Steps required to implement a successful SIEM replacement project and advice for CISOs beginning their journey